Kuori Exile

Goliath Warden


Kuori is a gentle spirit, though no one would know by her quiet disposition. She can be fairly intimidating when she’s annoyed and certainly so in a fight. She can hold her own and strives to protect her new companions, lest she lose anyone else of importance to her even though she may not recognize it at first.

  • Kuori was left in the wilderness on her home mountain by her mother, Orilo.
  • Kuori’s name was derived of her mother’s, as was her mother’s name before her.
  • Kuori and Orilo were cast out of their tribe due to Kuori’s runty and feral nature. Shortly after their exile, Orilo abandoned Kuori in the wilds and was never seen again.
  • Kuori was raised from a young age by primal spirits in panther form, hence her panther transformation.
  • Kuori secretly holds out hope that she will find her mother again.
  • Kuori’s surname is a tribute to her station, given to her by her people as a sign of her station among them should she ever return.

Kuori Exile

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